Adding functionality – Social Gallery Image Viewer

So you’ve installed Pics Mash – The Facemash for WordPress plugin

You are now enjoying the ability to display images from your WordPress website in a “Facemash” rating contest. You have used the shortcodes to filter down by specific categories or authors. Now you are wondering – how else can I tweak the plugin to make my website even more engaging to my visitors.

Well, I’d like to introduce you to another premium WordPress plugin which can really boost user engagement. That plugin is “Social Gallery” and it is available from CodeCanyon for $14. 

To have the Social Gallery Image Viewer work seamlessly with Pics Mash – the following settings will enable it to be shown on the top rated and bottom rated images.

The CSS Selector to use is: .picsmashvoting a:has(img)

I would strongly recommend Social Gallery to anyone who has a website where you have images that users would usually click on or want to see a larger version. It’s a very powerful and well developed piece of code. The perfect compliment to the Pics Mash plugin. Buy it from CodeCanyon today.

social gallery


  1. F1Deals says:

    i have bought both social gallery and Pics Mash.

    The page is at .

    The current page is looking awkward since I cannot vote.
    No border is showing up around the pics being voted on.
    Top and Bottom pics are showing in an awkward fashion. Is there a way to show a box around them?


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